Encuestas de grupos de enfoque revelan lo que los residentes de Puerto Rico quieren saber tras los terremotos del 2020-21

collapsed house in Yauco PR

18 de abril de 2023–Tras la secuencia de terremotos en el suroeste de Puerto Rico en el 2020-2021, los investigadores preguntaron a los rescatistas y residentes en las comunidades afectadas acerca de la información que necesitan para prepararse para el siguiente terremoto. De acuerdo con la presentación de la Reunión … Continue Reading »

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Hydrophones Help Monitor Ocean Temperatures

hydroacoustic station ready for deployment 640x 358px

18 April 2023–Ocean-based hydrophones in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)’s seismoacoustic monitoring network could provide a better look at how ocean temperatures are changing over time, according to a presentation at the Seismological Society of America (SSA)’s 2023 Annual Meeting. Finding new ways to monitor ocean temperatures is important … Continue Reading »

At Work: Wasja Bloch

Wasja Bloch in snow

14 April 2023–As he studied subduction zone seismicity, Wasja Bloch noticed that water was sometimes used as a wild card when it came to explaining what lays below these complex tectonic plate margins. “If people do interpretations of subsurface images and something’s odd, they sometimes pull the ‘fluid joker,’” Bloch … Continue Reading »

Hundreds of Very Shallow Earthquakes Detected in California’s Long Beach and Seal Beach

SRL Yan 2023 Figure 2 of Long Beach research areas

5 April 2023–Seismic arrays deployed in California’s Long Beach and Seal Beach areas detected more than a thousand tiny earthquakes over eight months, many of them located at surprisingly shallow depths of less than two kilometers below the surface. The findings, reported in Seismological Research Letters, confirm that the region’s … Continue Reading »