At Work: Alicia Hotovec-Ellis

18 January 2022–For as long as Alicia Hotovec-Ellis can remember, she’s had “three core pieces of identity,” she said. “I like to draw, my favorite color is fire, and I want to be a scientist when I grow up.” She spent hours during her college days writing and illustrating a … Continue Reading »

At Work: James Kaklamanos

15 December 2021–The plan was to become a lawyer, says James Kaklamanos, recalling his early years as an undergraduate. But an interest in math and science, and encouraging science mentors at Tufts University, soon had him wondering if law school was really in his future. The Sumatra earthquake and tsunami … Continue Reading »

3D Fault Information Improves Earthquake Alert Accuracy

HWY 302 after Nisqually earthquake

3 December 2021–Three-dimensional fault models are generally more accurate than two-dimensional line models at sending ground shaking alerts to the correct areas as part of an earthquake early warning system, according to a new study. The benefits of 3D fault models vary depending on the fault style (a strike slip … Continue Reading »