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Back issues of Earthquake Notes and SRL published by the Eastern Section are priced as follows:

All available issues of Earthquake Notes and issues of SRL from Volume 53 through Volume 65 are priced at $20 each, with the exception of Volume 59, Number 4, which is $25.

All issues from 16:1 and earlier are out of print, as are 20:5, 27:1, 32:3-4, 35:3-4, 40:3, 41:1, 45:1, 49:3, 63:3 and 71:3. Articles from out-of-print issues can be downloaded from GeoScience World for $15/article.

Shipping is an additional charge. Orders shipped to California addresses must add sales tax of 9.50%. Please see the full SRL Back Issues Information Page to place your order.