Back issues of print journals can be ordered. SSA members are eligible for a 15% discount. For a list of back issues available, please contact info@seismosoc.org.

To determine the contents of any BSSA journal back issue, you may go the BSSA online edition and review the table of contents and article abstracts.

SRL tables of contents and abstracts for articles in volumes from 1929 and later can be found at http://srl.geoscienceworld.org/.


To download a PDF of an article or read the full text online, you may go to 

BSSA:  www.bssa.geoscienceworld.org.  

SRL:  www.srl.geoscienceworld.org

From there, you can search for the article or issue you need.  Access to the abstract of any article is free and selected articles are free (book reviews, meeting announcements, etc.)  Articles that are not free may be purchased for $35.  That allows you to view the full text online and to download a PDF of the article. 

Full access to online journals is a benefit of SSA membership (for individuals).  BSSA is available online to institutions by subscription.  SRL is not available online for institutions at this time.