Find Out How to Write Better Research Papers

Writing a research paper can be hard. Publishing your paper can be even harder.

The “Getting Published – Writing a Good Scientific Paper” workshop, held Tuesday, 23 April at the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting, will give participants the tools they need to organize, write and publish their papers with confidence.

Leading the workshop are Roland Bürgmann of the University of California, Berkeley and BSSA associate editor emeritus; John Ebel of Boston College and founding editor-in-chief of SRL; and Brent Grocholski of Science, who edits all seismology-based papers for the journal.

Attendees will benefit from group discussions and an analysis of effective examples of writing, figures, tables, citations and supplementary material in published papers. The workshop also touches on what to do once the paper is finished, such as how to pick a publisher, as well as how to respond to reviewers’ comments.

Last year’s workshop at the 2018 Seismology of the Americas meeting helped participants learn how to pick the best journal for their paper, what to do if English wasn’t their first language, the benefits of requesting double-blind reviews and how to write an engaging abstract and introduction.

Register for the “Getting Published” workshop when you register for the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting.