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Seismo-gram Issue 18: 30 September 2020 — Interview with Seismic Tomography Meeting co-chairs Andreas Fichtner and Clifford Thurber, upcoming career development opportunities

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Seismo-gram Issue 17: 5 August 2020 — Four ways to advance your career from afar, meet Marine Denolle, virtual networking 101

Seismo-gram Issue 16: 16 April 2020 — Keeping your career on track during challenging times, Global Travel Grant recipients announced

Seismo-gram Issue 15: 5 February 2020 — Global Travel Grants now open to Student and Early Career Members, Survey for Student and Early Career Members, tips for your best technical session

Seismo-gram Issue 14: 5 Dec 2019 — Ten career advancing ideas for the new year, how to participate at the Annual Meeting, how to help shape the future of SSA.

Seismo-gram Issue Thirteen: 7 Aug 2019– How to organize a technical session at SSA’s Annual Meeting. Congratulations to the recipients of the Geosciences Congressional Visits Days (Geo-CVD) Travel Grant.

Seismo-gram Issue Twelve: 5 June 2019 – Student Travel Grants: Apply Soon! Geosciences Congressional Visits Day (Geo-CVD) Travel Grant closes 11 July 2019. Global Travel Grant closes 31 July 2019. Tweets from the 2019 Annual Meeting. Did you know Lou Henry Hoover was ​​​the first woman to publish a paper in BSSA?

Seismo-gram Issue Eleven: 10 April 2019 – Networking tips with Alaina G. Levine, host of the Achieve Your Career Goals workshop at the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting. Three reasons why you should apply for a Global Travel Grant. Learn about the recent Global Travel Grant recipients!

Seismo-gram Issue Ten: 6 February 2019 – Nervous about your presentation at the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting? We asked experienced members for their advice on putting together a great presentation. Read more about SSA’s new Ethics Policy. And don’t forget: Global Travel Grant applications are due 28 February.

Seismo-gram Issue Nine: 5 December 2018 – We asked Heather DeShon, John Ebel, Steven Roecker, Jonathan P. Stewart and Clifford Thurber for their tips on finding funding for research and finding balance between being a researcher and a teacher. Also: remember to renew your SSA membership! Not a member? Join today – students pay only $30/year.

Seismo-gram Issue Eight: 3 October 2018John Ebel, Jonathan P. Stewart, and Seth Stein discuss finding good mentors in academia. 2018 Reid Medal recipient David Boore talks about SSA’s impact and why his work is more than just a job. What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received? Let us know by emailing your words of wisdom to by 31 October. We’ll publish selected responses in our December issue and send published contributors a special thank you gift for their time!

Seismo-gram Issue Seven: 2 August 2018 – SSA members offer advice on organizing a technical session at the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting. Read what our student travel grant award recipients had to say about their experience at the 2018 Seismology of the Americas. Lori Dengler, the 2017 recipient of SSA’s Frank Press Public Service Award, details how to find the right people to work with, how to manage collaborations and how to avoid conflicts. Also, be sure to follow SSA on LinkedIn!

Seismo-gram Issue Six: 6 June 2018 – Roland Bürgmann (University of California, Berkeley), John Ebel (Boston College, founding editor-in-chief of SRL) and Brent Grocholski (Science) answer some of the top questions from the 2018 Seismology of the Americas Publishing Workshop. Interested in advocating for the geosciences in Washington D.C.? Apply for the Geosciences Congressional Visits Days (Geo-CVD) Student Travel Grant Program by the 6 July 2018 deadline. BSSA Editor-in-Chief Thomas Pratt and SRL Editor-in-Chief Zhigang Peng explain how SSA’s journals detect and deal with plagiarism. Read a few tweets from the 2018 Meeting. The Global Travel Grant Program Application Period is open 1-31 July 2018.

Seismo-gram Issue Five: 5 April 2018Students in Charge: Inside a conference known to shoo professors out of the room. The 6th Annual Seismology Student Workshop (SSW) was held March 14-16 at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, sponsored by SSA and Columbia University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. We spoke to University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Zach Eilon, an organizer of the first workshop, and current organizer Kira Olsen of Lamont-Doherty to find out more about the country’s only student-run seismology conference. Congrats, Global Travel Grant Winners! Rachel Hatch, Meredith Kraner, Heather McFarlin and Nadine Reitman are the first recipients of a new student travel program, created by SSA to support the development of careers in seismology and earthquake science. How to Make the Most of the SSA-LACSC 2018 Meeting: We asked a few of our SSA friends for advice on navigating this year’s conference in Miami.

Seismo-gram Issue Four: 15 February 2018 – Finding a Job with the Federal Government: Focus on the USGS: You asked for help navigating the path to employment with federal agencies, and we’re on the case! Meet Us in Miami for the 2018 Seismology of the Americas Conference, your opportunity to network with leaders in your field, share your research with the SSA community and advance your career. Reminder: Global Travel Grants Due Soon: All students who have been SSA members for at least one year are invited to apply for Global Travel Grants to attend any workshops or small meetings in the U.S. or abroad that support their study of earthquake science or seismology. SSA will accept applications until 28 February for travel between 1 April and 30 September 2018. Decisions will be announced in mid-March.

Seismo-gram Issue Three: 6 December 2017 – Ask an Expert: Andrew Michael on the Art of the Abstract: How can you make sure your research stands out in a crowd? SSA President Andrew Michael offers his advice: it’s not about the abstract, it’s about the title; If there’s a scientific destination you’ve been dreaming of, SSA can help get you there, the Travel Grant Program Expands Beyond SSASee you at AGU: attending the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans next week? Do drop in and see us—and bring your friends who have yet to join the Society.

Seismo-gram Issue Two: 11 October 2017Interview with Annemarie Baltay, the 2017 recipient of the Charles F. Richter Early Career Award, who shared her career history and lessons learned along the way; Interested in attending next year’s SSA meeting but concerned about the cost? Check out our primer on SSA travel grant applications; Advice for My Younger Self: Answers from veteran SSA members to the question “What do you wish you’d known at the beginning of your career?”

Seismo-gram Issue One: 24 August 2017 – Tips on how to be a better paper reviewer from the 2017 SSA Annual Meeting workshop “Be a Better Reviewer, Advance Your Career” taught by Roland Bürgmann (University of California, Berkeley), John Ebel (Boston College, founding editor-in-chief of SRL) and Brent Grocholski (Science); “Ask an Expert,” check out the advice from Michael West (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) on dealing with stress, career setbacks and grant/paper rejections; and Call for Sessions: Seismology of the Americas meeting.