Photonic Seismology Travel Grants Announced

SSA announced four travel grants to student and early-career members to participate in the 2024 Photonic Seismology Conference. The travel grants are made possible by generous donations from the community to the General Fund and the Kanamori Fund.

Travel Grant Recipients:

  • Richard Asirifi, Texas A&M University
  • Thomas Luckie, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Elisa McGhee, Colorado State University
  • Yan Yang, California Institute of Technology

We congratulate these recipients and are excited to continue supporting our members with additional grant opportunities available this July.

Where will an SSA grant take you? Get your applications ready for these upcoming grant programs! 

SSA Global Travel Grants

Global Travel Grant recipients around the world
  • Through the Global Travel Grant program, SSA offers early-career and student members financial support to attend and present their research at scientific conferences and workshops anywhere in the world. The July application period covers travel from November through April.
  • Applicant must be an SSA student or early-career member in good standing for at least six months prior to open application period.

Community Grants

  • The SSA Community Grants Program accepts applications to support small scientific conferences, workshops and events that provide our members and future seismologists with opportunities for training, learning and networking.

These grant programs are supported by generous member donations to the General Fund. Make a gift today!

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