Motion from Distant Earthquakes Can Shake Tall Buildings

20 April 2017–DENVER — Data collected from two tall buildings, one in Osaka and one in Los Angeles, demonstrate that long-lasting motions from distant earthquakes — up to hundreds of kilometers away — can shake those buildings severely and can cause structural and non-structural damage.

Mehmet Celebi of the U.S. Geological Survey discussed these two buildings at the 2017 SSA Annual Meeting. He suggested that design codes for these types of buildings should take into account these long-distance effects.

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A Detailed Look at New Zealand’s Kaikoura Earthquake

20 April 2017-DENVER — The magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake that struck the South Island of New Zealand last November was the largest on-land recorded earthquake in the country’s history. In a special session at the 2017 SSA Annual Meeting, researchers gathered to describe their findings on the quake and its implications for further seismic activity in the region.

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