Schulte-Pelkum and Ritsema join TSR editorial team

1 December 2020–SSA announced today the appointment of  Vera Schulte-Pelkum as the inaugural Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Jeroen Ritsema as the inaugural Editor-at-Large of The Seismic Record .

The Seismic Record is an open access, online only journal, publishing high-quality short form papers in seismology and earthquake science. The journal publishes research focused on all scales of seismological advances from planetary/global to local/geotechnical scales, solving problems related to structure and dynamics of the Earth, earthquake source physics, theoretical and cross-disciplinary topics.

With its first issue publishing in 2021, TSR provides an outlet to cover recent events and current topics of strong significance that warrant rapid peer review and publication.

“Vera and Jeroen have an impressive record of seismological and geophysical research. They also have significant leadership and editorial experience from a long history of service to the seismological community. Finally, they bring expertise in areas of seismology that are historically underrepresented in SSA publications,” said TSR Editor-in-Chief Keith Koper. “Having either one of them join TSR is a small coup; to have both of them on the editorial leadership team is fantastic.”

Schulte-Pelkum is an associate research professor in the department of geological sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder and a research scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES). She completed terms as an associate editor at the Journal of Geophysical Research and board director of the Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology this year. Her research interests include structure, deformation, rheology and anisotropy of the lithosphere and mantle; receiver functions and array processing; the seismic noise wavefield; and seismic and volcanic hazards. She received her Ph.D. in geosciences from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego in 2001.

In her role as TSR Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Schulte-Pelkum will work with Koper on all aspects of the journal editorial process and serve in a leadership role on the Editorial Board.

Ritsema is a University of Michigan professor of geophysics and seismology, and former editor at Geophysical Research Letters. His research involves the imaging of Earth’s mantle through global scale seismic tomography and the modeling of broadband seismograms. He received his Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1995.

As TSR Editor-at-Large, he will work closely with Koper to actively recruit relevant, high-impact research for submission to the journal, serving in an ambassador role representing the journal globally within the seismology and earthquake science community.

Also joining the founding TSR editorial team as associate editors:

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Rice University

Pascal Audet, University of Ottawa

Brendan Crowell, University of Washington

Steve Gibbons, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Lucia Gualtieri, Stanford University

Jessica Irving, University of Bristol

Hiroe Miyake, University of Tokyo

Zachary Ross, California Institute of Technology

Lingling Ye, Sun Yat-Sen University

“We’ve been fortunate to recruit an outstanding group of associate editors,” said Koper. “Their research interests span a wide range of topics, and I hope their presence on the editorial board helps signal that we are serious about making TSR a home for excellent research from all the seismological and earthquake science communities.”