Update for U.S. Government Employees

In response to the U.S. Government shutdown, SSA has taken several steps in the hope that government employees will be able to fully participate in the SSA Annual Meeting. Please check here for future updates.

25 January 2019: The Co-Chairs have nearly completed the process of scheduling all oral presentations.  Here’s what to expect next if you are a government employee affected by the shutdown.

Status of “Pay Later” Abstracts:  Prior to the shutdown, many individuals employed by agencies affected by the shutdown submitted provisional abstracts, using the “pay later” function.  When we are ready to publish the schedule online, all “pay later” or provisional abstracts will not be published. The name and institution associated with abstract will be published, but the title and abstract will be listed as “TBD.” When the government reopens, the abstract author will be given a brief period of time to resubmit the final abstract and pay, unless the government remains closed past when we can make this accommodation.

Re-opening abstract submission process: When the government reopens, we plan to allow anyone who works at an agency affected by the shutdown to submit a new abstract, which will be considered for a poster presentation.

Questions? Contact abstracts@seismosoc.org.