SRL Call for Papers

Big Data Problems in Seismology

Seismological Research Letters (SRL) is soliciting papers for a Focus Section on Big Data Problems in Seismology.

Seismology has undoubtedly entered an era of big data, with major seismic data centers like IRIS now storing hundreds of terabytes of waveform data. Recently, the emerging use of large-N arrays and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) have been rapidly accelerating the accumulation of large seismic data sets. At the same time, machine learning (especially deep learning) and other more general tools from data science are providing brand-new perspectives to examine these large data sets. Since the Focus Section on Machine Learning for Seismology in SRL in early 2019, the application of machine learning in seismology has grown sharply. It has become increasingly standard to use machine learning in seismic data analysis, including relatively mature applications in automation of earthquake detection, phase picking and phase association. Seismologists are becoming adept to big seismic data problems and witnessing a gradual paradigm shift of seismological research. This focus section invites papers covering a wide spectrum of big data problems in seismology, with applications to earthquake source or earth structure analyses using machine learning, DAS and large-N arrays, or any of these new techniques in combination. We also welcome contributions on technical challenges and solutions to storage, processing and visualization of big seismic data.

Guest Editors for the special section are:

Zefeng Li, University of Science and Technology of China;

Daniel Trugman, The University of Texas at Austin;

Lihua Fang, Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration;

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Rice University;

Avinash Nayak, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 1 March 2022

Articles accepted to the SRL Focus Section on Big Data Problems in Seismology will be published online soon after acceptance and collectively in print in the September 2022 issue.

Papers will be reviewed as they are received and published online prior to the print issue.  In preparing manuscripts, authors must follow the SRL author guidelines at  Papers must be submitted via the SRL online submission system ( under the category “Big Data Problems in Seismology.”

Please address questions about scientific issues to the guest editors or SRL Editor-in-Chief Allison Bent at srleditor@seismosoc.orgSubmission-related questions should be addressed to SRL Editorial Office at