SRL Call for Papers

New Frontiers and Advances in Global Seismology

Seismological Research Letters (SRL) is soliciting papers for a Focus Section on New Frontiers and Advances in Global Seismology.

Over the last century, many of the fundamental advances in our understanding of the solid Earth have been underpinned by seismic observations recorded on long-running networks of globally distributed seismic instruments. During this time, seismic data quality and the speed of dissemination have improved rapidly from early analog paper records to digital, very broadband data transmitted in near-real time and rapidly archived in online data repositories with associated metadata. With these significant advances in data quality, dissemination and storage, global seismic networks are poised to continue to aid in answering key scientific questions about the Earth. For example, many global seismic network stations have been running for several decades, which enables scientists to interrogate decadal-scale changes across a multitude of Earth processes ranging from volcanic eruptions to the rotation rate of the inner core and long-term variations in ocean temperature. Additionally, the instrumentation, infrastructure and coverage of global seismographic networks allow for the high-fidelity recording of long-period signals, such as normal modes and gravitational perturbations arising from great earthquakes.

In this special issue, we seek manuscripts which leverage the exceptional capabilities of global seismic networks (broadly defined) to advance knowledge of the Earth processes and structure, from the inner core to the atmosphere and beyond. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, decadal-scale climate studies; very low-frequency seismology used for density structure, global tomography, global monitoring, D” and deep Earth studies; nuclear monitoring; and characterizing great earthquakes.

We also encourage manuscripts that utilize co-locations of multiple instruments to make novel observation (e.g., pressure, magnetic flux and meteorological observations), propose how additional instrumentation at global seismographic stations could further inform our understanding of Earth processes, or describe long-running, broadband seismic networks.

Please note: if describing a seismic network, please use the Data Mine format when submitting your paper for inclusion in this Focus Section.

Guest Editors for this Special Issue:

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 15 June 2023

Articles accepted to this SRL Special Issue on New Frontiers and Advances in Global Seismology will be published online soon after acceptance and collectively in print in the November 2023 issue.

Papers will be reviewed as they are received and published online prior to the print issue.
In preparing manuscripts, authors must follow the SRL author guidelines at Papers must be submitted via the SRL online submission system ( under the category “New Frontiers and Advances in Global Seismology.”

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