Call for Papers: SRL Focus Section on Non-explosive Active Source Monitoring and Imaging

30 May 2017 – Seismological Research Letters (SRL) announces a Focus Section on “Non-explosive active source monitoring and imaging.” In recent years, there have been many efforts worldwide to image crustal structure and monitor subtle subsurface velocity changes with non-explosive active seismic sources, e.g., air-guns, vibroseis, electric sources, accurately controlled routine-operated seismic sources (ACROSS), and piezoelectric sources. These types of active sources are environmentally green compared to chemical explosives that were widely used in continental-scale seismic exploration studies. They have also been used to image fine structures of the Earth’s interior at various length scales, and to monitor the subsurface structural changes associated with anthropogenic and natural events, such as earthquake and volcanic processes. This SRL section will focus on new developments of non-explosive active sources, data processing, subsurface imaging and monitoring with non-explosive active sources, and their contribution to the advancement in earthquake, tectonic/volcanic, and environmental sciences as well as their social impacts.

Guest editors for this focus section are:

  • Fenglin Niu, Rice University, USA (
  • Koshun Yamaoka, Nagoya University, Japan (

SRL focus sections usually contain no more than 15 papers to cover the breadth of the topic. The Editors will select a suite of papers from the proposals and may request that groups of authors combine efforts if their papers cover similar material. Interested authors please send inquiries and notices of intent to submit a paper to the guest editor Fenglin Niu. The manuscript submission deadline is 1 November 2017. Publication is planned for the 2018 May/June issue.

Manuscripts should be submitted via under the category “Non-explosive active source monitoring and imaging” or “Active Source.” Manuscripts should be prepared as described by the SRL Submission Guidelines. The recommended length of the main text is no longer than 3000 words (including the main text, tables and figure captions, not including the title, author affiliation, abstract, and references). Papers with longer lengths may be submitted at the discretion of the editor.

Address questions about scientific issues to the guest editors or SRL Editor-in-Chief Zhigang Peng at Address questions about submissions to SRL Managing Editor Mary George at