Call for Papers: SRL Focus Section on North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath

23 October 2017Seismological Research Letters (SRL) announces a Focus Section on North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath. Since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea) announced on 03 September 2017 that it had successfully tested a thermonuclear weapon (hydrogen bomb), there has been immense interest among the scientific community and the public in learning about the nature of this event and its aftermath. Based on the reported magnitudes, this event appears to be the largest to date of all North Korea’s tests. The underground test also generated significant surface disturbances and was followed by several additional seismic events in the test site region, including one about eight and one-half minutes after the 03 September test, two others on 23 September 2017 and another on October 12, 2017.

This SRL focus section aims to publish research related to North Korea’s 3 September 2017 nuclear test and its aftermath, using any of the multi-phenomenological signals (seismic, geodetic, acoustic, imagery, gas and materials, etc.). Studies can include, but are not limited to, determination of the nature of the test (location, mechanism, magnitude, yield, nuclear nature, tectonic release, acoustic signatures, surface effects, etc.), characterization of the geological events after the test (collapse, landslide, natural and/or induced/triggered earthquakes, etc.) and the historic context of scientific monitoring for this and prior nuclear testing.

Individuals interested in submitting contributions are strongly urged to contact the guest editors to discuss their planned contribution prior to submission.

Guest editors for this focus section are:

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: May 1, 2018 (early submissions are encouraged and will be processed immediately after the submission)
  • Acceptance Deadline: August 1st 2018
  • Published Issue: SRL November-December 2018

Submit manuscripts via SRL Editorial Manager at using the article type “North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath.”  Detailed instructions on how to prepare an SRL manuscript can be found at Note that the recommended length for SRL focus-section articles is up to 3000 words for the main text plus table and figure captions; this 3000 words doesn’t include the title, author affiliation, abstract, and references. Longer papers may be submitted at the discretion of the editor. Articles accepted to the SRL Focus Section on North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath will be published online ahead of print.

Address questions about scientific issues to the guest editors or SRL Editor-in-Chief Zhigang Peng at Address questions about submissions to SRL Managing Editor Mary George at