SSA Briefing on Seismology’s Role in Nuclear Test Monitoring

SSA is holding an inaugural congressional briefing on Tuesday 23 January. The briefing, “Earthquake or Explosion? Seismology’s Key Role in Nuclear Text Monitoring,” will share how seismologists analyze data collected from around the globe to determine the yield, location and other details about nuclear test explosions. We encourage you to distribute … Continue Reading »

Rebuilding the Puerto Rico Seismic Network after Irma and Maria

12 January 2018–Three months after two hurricanes hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) has rebounded from a complete failure of Puerto Rico’s power and communication systems, with half of the island’s seismic stations operational as of mid-December 2017. From the earliest days of … Continue Reading »

SSA Announces Election Results

9 January 2018— The Seismological Society of America held its election on 5 January 2018. Election America, Inc., tabulated and validated the votes of current members that were received by the deadline, 12 noon PST on 5 January. The following nominees for Director were elected to a three-year term beginning … Continue Reading »

At Work: Xyoli Pérez-Campos

27 December 2017–Xyoli Pérez-Campos was 11 years old when the magnitude 8.0 Michoacán earthquake struck the Mexico City region on 19 September 1985, collapsing buildings near her home. Her uncle survived the total collapse of the 13-story Nuevo León apartment building, in an area of the city devastated by the … Continue Reading »