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St. Louis, Missouri, is a major center for population, transportation, power, and utility transmission in the Midwest, and it is also at significant potential risk from seismically induced liquefaction and associated ground deformation of lowland alluvium. The simplified liquefaction map for St. Louis shows areas of severe risk (brown) as well as areas of artificial fill with unknown liquefaction potential (black) that require special study. Cramer et al. (this issue) used a new detailed near-surface shear-wave velocity model in a 1D equivalent-linear response analysis to estimate ground motions at the surface.

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Seismological Research Letters
Volume 88 · Number 1 · Jan/Feb 2017

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Opinion: Next Future Large Earthquake in Romania: A Disaster Waiting to Happen?
Florin Pavel
In Memoriam: Allan R. Sanford (1927–2016)
Hans Hartse
Electronic Seismologist: Interactive Visualization of Spatially Amplified GNSS Time-Series Position Fields
Brendan J. Meade, William T. Freeman, James Wilson, Fernanda Viegas, and Martin Wattenberg
Historical Seismologist: Origins of a National Seismic System in the United States
John R. Filson and Walter J. Arabasz
Electronic Supplement: Charter of the Council of the National Seismic System (April 1993).
Historical Seismologist: Updated Tsunami Catalog for the Jalisco-Colima Coast, Mexico, Using Data from Historical Archives
Rocio Castillo-Aja and María Teresa Ramírez-Herrera
Historical Seismologist: Tracking Earthquakes in Documentary Sources of the Sixteenth–Eighteenth Centuries: Examples from Calabria (Southern Italy)
Andrea Tertulliani, Luigi Cucci, Antonio Rossi, and Corrado Castellano
Eduquakes: Beating Fear with Hope: On Sustaining Earthquake Preparedness
Kelin Wang and Garry C. Rogers
Some Observations Based on the Strong-Motion Accelerograms from the Thomas Creek, Nevada, Earthquake of 23 December 2015

John G. Anderson and Glenn P. Biasi
Electronic Supplement: Table of station locations, VS30, peak accelerations, peak velocities, peak displacements, and durations of horizontal components of the ground motion.

Rotational Ground-Motion Records from Induced Seismic Events

Zbigniew Zembaty, Grzegorz Mutke, Dariusz Nawrocki, and Piotr Bobra

Observations of Seismicity and Ground Motion in the Northeast U.S. Atlantic Margin from Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Data

Claudia H. Flores, Uri S. ten Brink, Jeffrey J. McGuire, and John A. Collins
Electronic Supplement: Tables of ocean-bottom seismometer (OBS) locations with recording start and end times, list of earthquakes on land used to identify the detection limits of OBSs, and station information, figures of probability density functions (PDFs) and waveforms, and Zip archive of waveform data.

Seafloor Ground Rotation Observations: Potential for Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio on Horizontal OBS Components

Fabian Lindner, Joachim Wassermann, Mechita C. Schmidt-Aursch, Karl Ulrich Schreiber, and Heiner Igel

GLImER: A New Global Database of Teleseismic Receiver Functions for Imaging Earth Structure

Stéphane Rondenay, Kathrin Spieker, Lucas Sawade, Felix Halpaap, and Mari Farestveit
Electronic Supplement: Description of operations involved in automated receiver function (RF) workflow, table of number of events used in each RF workflow and event overlap, and figures of relevant event magnitude distribution and RF.

KivuSNet: The First Dense Broadband Seismic Network for the Kivu Rift Region (Western Branch of East African Rift)

Adrien Oth, Julien Barrière, Nicolas d’Oreye, Georges Mavonga, Josue Subira, Niche Mashagiro, Benjamin Kadufu, Silvanos Fiama, Gilles Celli, Jean de Dieu Bigirande, Alain Joseph Ntenge, Laurent Habonimana, Charles Bakundukize, and François Kervyn
Electronic Supplement: Figures of power spectral density and QuakeML catalog file.

Regional Low-Magnitude GMPE to Estimate Spectral Accelerations for Earthquake Early Warning Applications in Southern Italy

Elisa Zuccolo, Francesca Bozzoni, and Carlo G. Lai
Electronic Supplement: Tables of seismic stations and main features of selected GMPEs.

Thumbnail-Based Questionnaires for the Rapid and Efficient Collection of Macroseismic Data from Global Earthquakes

Rémy Bossu, Matthieu Landès, Fréderic Roussel, Robert Steed, Gilles Mazet-Roux, Stacey S. Martin, and Susan Hough
Electronic Supplement: Figures of individual intensity assignments and comparison of corrected intensities with other intensity datasets.

Identification and Elimination of Data Peculiarities in the Strong-Motion Downhole Array in Taipei Basin

Brian A. Young, Kou-Cheng Chen, Bor-Shouh Huang, and Jer-Ming Chiu

Improving Self-Noise Estimates of Broadband Seismometers by 3D Trace Rotation

Andreas Gerner, Reinoud Sleeman, Wolfgang Lenhardt, and Bernhard Grasemann

Instrument Response and Self-Noise Analysis of Dataloggers at the Idaho National Laboratory

Blaine M. Bockholt

Characterizing Broadband Seismic Noise in Central London

David N. Green, Ian D. Bastow, Ben Dashwood, and Stuart E. J. Nippress
Electronic Supplement: Table of vertical-component noise values at given periods and figures of the noise probability density functions, diurnal variations of noise measurements, and temporal noise variation.

Erratum: The Wood–Anderson of Trieste (Northeast Italy): One of the Last Operating Torsion Seismometers

Denis Sandron, Giovanni Francesco Gentile, Stefania Gentili, Angela Saraò, Alessandro Rebez, Marco Santulin, and Dario Slejko
Electronic Supplement: Earthquake catalog (corrected)

Eastern Section Articles
A Note on the Ratio of the Moment Magnitude Scale to Other Magnitude Scales: Theory and Applications

Robert F. Mereu

St. Louis Area Earthquake Hazards Mapping Project: Seismic and Liquefaction Hazard Maps

Chris H. Cramer, Robert A. Bauer, Jae-won Chung, J. David Rogers, Larry Pierce, Vicki Voigt, Brad Mitchell, David Gaunt, Robert A. Williams, David Hoffman, Gregory L. Hempen, Phyllis J. Steckel, Oliver S. Boyd, Connor M. Watkins, Kathleen Tucker, and Natasha S. McCallister