Taking a “Metamaterials” Approach to Mitigating Earthquake Damage

26 April 2019–In the past decade scientists have been experimenting with metamaterials, artificial materials designed with periodic internal structures to give them properties not found in natural materials. Depending on their internal geometry and composition, researchers have found that they can control waves propagating through some of these materials, filtering … Continue Reading »

What Does the Future of Kilauea Hold?

25 April 2019–Ever since Hawaii’s Kilauea stopped erupting in August 2018, ceasing activity for the first time in 35 years, scientists have been wondering about the volcano’s future. Its similarities to the Hawaiian seamount Lo`ihi might provide some answers, according to Jacqueline Caplan-Auerbach at Western Washington University. In her presentation … Continue Reading »

How to Explain California’s Recent Earthquake Hiatus?

25 April 2019–There have been no major ground rupturing earthquakes along California’s three highest slip rate faults—the San Andreas, the San Jacinto and the Hayward—in the past 100 years. At the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting, researchers discussed why this “hiatus” might exist, and what we might expect for California earthquakes … Continue Reading »