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The Bulletin
of the Seismological Society of America

Volume 106 · Number 6 · December 2016

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Potentially Induced Earthquakes during the Early Twentieth Century in the Los Angeles Basin
Susan E. Hough and Morgan Page
[ Abstract ]

Moment Tensor Analysis of Very Shallow Sources
Andrea Chiang, Douglas S. Dreger, Sean R. Ford, William R. Walter, and Seung-Hoon Yoo
[ Abstract ]

Automatic Aftershock Forecasting: A Test Using Real-Time Seismicity Data in Japan
Takahiro Omi, Yosihiko Ogata, Katsuhiko Shiomi, Bogdan Enescu, Kaoru Sawazaki, and Kazuyuki Aihara
[ Abstract ]

Real-Time Moment Magnitude and Stress Drop with Implications for Real-Time Shaking Prediction
Alon Ziv and Itzhak Lior
[ Abstract ]

Seismogeodesy Using GPS and Low-Cost MEMS Accelerometers: Perspectives for Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response
Jessie K. Saunders, Dara E. Goldberg, Jennifer S. Haase, Yehuda Bock, D. Glen Offield, Diego Melgar, José Restrepo, Robert B. Fleischman, Arpit Nema, Jianghui Geng, Christian Walls, Doerte Mann, and Glen S. Mattioli
[ Abstract ]

Rapid Assessment of Earthquake Source Characteristics
Semechah K. Y. Lui, Don Helmberger, Junjie Yu, and Shengji Wei
[ Abstract ]

Cavity Radius Scaling for Underground Explosions in Hard Rock
Anastasia Stroujkova, Mario Carnevale, and Oleg Vorobiev
[ Abstract ]

Stochastic Generation of Accelerograms for Subduction Earthquakes
Cristian Otarola and Sergio Ruiz
[ Abstract ]

Long-Period Site Response in Northeastern Japan from Ground-Motion Prediction Equations
Rami Ibrahim, Hongjun Si, Kazuki Koketsu, and Hiroe Miyake
[ Abstract ]

Ground-Motion Prediction Model from Local Earthquakes of the Mexico Basin at the Hill Zone of Mexico City
Miguel A. Jaimes, Javier Lermo, and Adrián D. García-Soto
[ Abstract ]

Attenuation of Coda Waves in Western Mexico Using Local Seismicity
Christian R. Escudero, Nathalie García-Millán, and Felipe de Jesús Escalona-Alcázar
[ Abstract ]

Northern California Seismic Attenuation: 3D QP and QS Models
Donna Eberhart-Phillips
[ Abstract ]

A Nonergodic Ground-Motion Model for California with Spatially Varying Coefficients
Niels Landwehr, Nicolas M. Kuehn, Tobias Scheffer, and Norman Abrahamson
[ Abstract ]

Data-Driven Seismic-Hazard Models Prepared for a Seismic Risk Assessment in the Dead Sea Region
Michael Haas, Amotz Agnon, Dino Bindi, Stefano Parolai, and Massimiliano Pittore
[ Abstract ]

Implementing the Effect of the Rupture Directivity on PSHA for the City of Istanbul, Turkey
E. Spagnuolo, A. Akinci, A. Herrero, and S. Pucci
[ Abstract ]

Empirical MwML, mb, and Ms Conversions in Western China
Chi-Chia Tang, Lupei Zhu, and Rong Huang
[ Abstract ]

Recurrence Time Distributions of Large Earthquakes in Eastern Iran
A. Khodaverdian, H. Zafarani, K. W. Schultz, and M. Rahimian
[ Abstract ]

Stress-Drop Variations and Source-Scaling Relations of Moderate Earthquakes of the Indian Tectonic Plate
Bandana Baruah, Prakash Kumar, M. Ravi Kumar, and Shib S. Ganguli
[ Abstract ]

The 2016 Mw 6.7 Imphal Earthquake in the Indo-Burman Range: A Case of Continuing Intraplate Deformation within the Subducted Slab
Revathy M. Parameswaran and Kusala Rajendran
[ Abstract ]

Seismicity along St. Lawrence Paleorift Faults Overprinted by a Meteorite Impact Structure in Charlevoix, Québec, Eastern Canada
Hongyu Yu, Yajing Liu, Rebecca M. Harrington, and Maurice Lamontagne
[ Abstract ]

Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Earthquake catalogs.
Continuity of the Reelfoot Fault Across the Cottonwood Grove and Ridgely Faults of the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Matthew L. Greenwood, Edward W. Woolery, Roy B. Van Arsdale, William J. Stephenson, and Gary L. Patterson
[ Abstract ]

The 2013 Seismic Swarm in Chihuahua, Mexico: Evidence of Active Extensional Deformation in the Southern Basin and Range
Gerardo Suárez, Edgar Sánchez-Alvaro, Elías Lomas-Delgado, and Gustavo Arvizu-Lara
[ Abstract ]

Seismic and Tectonic Analysis of the 2014–2015 Flagstaff, Arizona, Earthquake Sequence
David S. Brumbaugh, Ryan Porter, and Jeri J. Young
[ Abstract ]

Large Transverse Range Earthquakes Cause Coastal Upheaval near Ventura, Southern California
Thomas K. Rockwell, Kate Clark, Lynn Gamble, Michael E. Oskin, Erik C. Haaker, and George L. Kennedy
[ Abstract ]

Continuity of the West Napa–Franklin Fault Zone Inferred from Guided Waves Generated by Earthquakes Following the 24 August 2014 Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake
R. D. Catchings, M. R. Goldman, Y.-G. Li, and J. H. Chan
[ Abstract ]

Subsurface Fault Damage Zone of the 2014 Mw 6.0 South Napa, California, Earthquake Viewed from Fault-Zone Trapped Waves
Yong-Gang Li, Rufus D. Catchings, and Mark R. Goldman
[ Abstract ]

Earthquake Source Properties from Pseudotachylite
N. M. Beeler, Giulio Di Toro, and Stefan Nielsen
[ Abstract ]

Shallow Sedimentary Rock as a Fragile Geological Feature: Effects of Clay Content and Hydrology on Frictional Strength
Norman H. Sleep
[ Abstract ]

Possible Indicator of a Strong Isotropic Earthquake Component: Example of Two Shallow Earthquakes in Greece
Dana Křížová, Jiří Zahradník, and Anastasia Kiratzi
[ Abstract ]

A New Methodology for Quantification of the Systematic Path Effects on Ground-Motion Variability
Chih-Hsuan Sung and Chyi-Tyi Lee
[ Abstract ]

Surface-Wave Retrieval from Generalized Diffuse Fields in 2D Synthetic Models of Alluvial Valleys
Marcela Baena-Rivera, Mathieu Perton, and Francisco J. Sánchez-Sesma
[ Abstract ]

Source Process of the 1923 Kanto Earthquake Considering Subduction Interface Geometry and Amplification Effects Caused by the Large-Scale and 3D Complex Sedimentary Basin
Sunhe Yun, Kazuki Koketsu, and Reiji Kobayashi
[ Abstract ]

Analytical Estimation of Short-Period Ground Motions in Mexico City for Engineering Applications
Masahiro Iida
[ Abstract ]

VS30 Empirical Prediction Relationships Based on a New Soil-Profile Database for the Beijing Plain Area, China
Junju Xie, Paolo Zimmaro, Xiaojun Li, Zengping Wen, and Yisheng Song
[ Abstract ]

Experimental and Numerical Evidence of the Clustering Effect of Structures on their Response during an Earthquake: A Case Study of Three Identical Towers in the City of Grenoble, France
Philippe Guéguen and Andrea Colombi
[ Abstract ]

Developments in New Fluid Rotational Seismometers: Instrument Performance and Future Directions
John R. Evans, Jan T. Kozák, and Petr Jedlička
[ Abstract ]

3D Nearly Analytic Central Difference Method for Computation of Sensitivity Kernels of Wave-Equation-Based Seismic Tomography
Xueyuan Huang, Dinghui Yang, Ping Tong, and Yanjie Zhou
[ Abstract ]

SALSA3D: A Tomographic Model of Compressional Wave Slowness in the Earth’s Mantle for Improved Travel-Time Prediction and Travel-Time Prediction Uncertainty
Sanford Ballard, James R. Hipp, Michael L. Begnaud, Christopher J. Young, Andre V. Encarnacao, Eric P. Chael, and W. Scott Phillips
[ Abstract ]

Short Notes
The Maximum Possible and the Maximum Expected Earthquake Magnitude for Production-Induced Earthquakes at the Gas Field in Groningen, The Netherlands
Gert Zöller and Matthias Holschneider
[ Abstract ]

Activation of a Minor Graben and Pull-Apart Basin Just East of Bukadaban during the 2001 Kunlun Earthquake (Mw 7.8)
Hong Chang, Le-yi Li, Peter Molnar, and Nathan A. Niemi
[ Abstract ]

Comment and Reply
Comment on “Statistical Analyses of Great Earthquake Recurrence along the Cascadia Subduction Zone” by Ram Kulkarni, Ivan Wong, Judith Zachariasen, Chris Goldfinger, and Martin Lawrence
Allan Goddard Lindh
[ Abstract ]

Reply to “Comment on ‘Statistical Analyses of Great Earthquake Recurrence along the Cascadia Subduction Zone’ by Ram Kulkarni, Ivan Wong, Judith Zachariasen, Chris Goldfinger, and Martin Lawrence” by Allan Goddard Lindh
Chris Goldfinger, Ivan Wong, Ram Kulkarni, and Jeffrey W. Beeson
[ Abstract ]